How to support


It`s possible to support "Mang'ula Children Caring Fund"
respectively "Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society"


Most parents are paying school fees in terms of animals such as hens or ducks. Sometimes they give crops like maize or rice. Only a very few can afford to pay fees in cash.

If you want to support the project from Germany, please contact
or Susi.

The official bank account in Tanzania is:

Account name:
Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society
Account number:
3312 0400 0003
Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB)
Kilombero Branch Ifakara
Swift-Code: TAPBTZTZ

There is also a lack of teaching aids. The project is very much short of chalks, papers, pencils, dictionaries and English books.

If you like to send some useful things, you can make a package and send it to the following adress:

Mang'ula Children Caring Fund
Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society
P.o. Box No. 83
Mwaya Road
Mang'ula, Kilombero

Tanzania 255

In Germany there is an association, which is supporting the project since 2007. You can take a look at the homepage!


"If we could get a support, our work of teaching could be easier and more comfortable."
(Project Management)