The village Mang'ula is about 230 km to the south of Dodoma and 370 km to the west of Dar es Salaam in the region of Morogoro. It is placed in the east of the Udzungwa Mountains, which are part of the Eastern Arc Range (from southern Kenia to southern Tanzania). The mountains rise from 250 m above sealevel to 2.576 m on the highest peak, Luhomero.



How to reach Mang'ula:


In Mang'ula live 21.400 people and about two third of them are small peasents. They grow crops such as maize, paddy and few bananas. A part of the paddy or rice is being transported for selling in Dar es Salaam. Fishing is also being practised in small rivers. Near Mang'ula are big sugar-cane plantages, where a few people are working at. About one-sixth of all people do get employment at the nearby Udzungwa Mountains National Park. It would be possible that more people could find a seasonal job there as a tour guide, but actual most people who get employed at the Udzungwa Mountains National Park are coming from other regions of Tanzania - the reason is poor or lack of education or English language.


So it is one of the targets of this project, to teach English language to the children as well as to the adults, to increase their chances to find a job at the Udzungwa Mountains National Park.


The National Park covers 1.990 km² and protects more than 2500 plant species and over 300 animal species like the Iringa Red Colobus. It`s one of the last tropical rain forests in this part of Africa.

You can explore the park by foot with a ranger on several hiking trails where you can explore the gigantic rain forests.