Duration syllabus implementation:


The syllabus we teach year I and II:

Our policies:

School fees:

Recently we charge 1.000 Tshs (almost 1 US $), as a school fees per head though. Still many parents are either not affording to pay or to pay in terms of crops like maize or paddy, animals like chicken or duck.

Document requirements:
  • we normally request the parent(s) to share with us these information when registering a child
  • the child's name and family name
  • the child's age (show if orphan /not orphan)
  • parents' adress (s) and occupations
  • any known child's medical problems or allergies
  • report any changes regarding your child register form, if at any
    time happens

Kindergarten dates and classtimes:

1. Dates

2. Class time


All teachers are responsible for a child's discipline and class control at all times.