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"Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society" is a non-profit making society. It is certified by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania on November, 2nd 2009. Before this date it was certified as "Mang'ula Children Caring Fund" (September, 30th 2005). Since November 2012 it is also certified as an orphanage named "Mang'ula Orphans Home".

The project started in May 2005 with the project manager John Mansur. At this time the name of the project was "Mang'ula Children Caring Fund". At the beginning the center was accomodating only 12 children, but within four months the number rose to 68  children. By September, 25th the number had risen to 84. In the report of 2006 (report2006.pdf) from August 2006 the number of children is 76.

The following points inspired the management to establish this kindergarten and orphanage: A large number of children are still roaming out in the streets instead of going to school. Especially the orphaned children need support in education. The government does not pay much attention to the age group under 6 years. It considers more about primary education and further education levels. So the team of "Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society" had the idea to take care for these children.

Meanwhile the project is accomodating more and more children from different parts of the village. And many of the kids are orphans. MASUDE-Society has an own school building with several rooms where the orphaned have the possibility to stay.


The team

The team around the project management with Bonface Chigwanda and Agnes Lwambano consists of several people: two educators for the orphans, three teachers for the children in the kindergarten, a cook, a housekeeper and a watchman for the security at night.  

Bonface Chigwanda
project manager 

Agnes Lwambano
project manager


Historical Background of MACHICA Fund

MACHICA means Mang'ula Children Caring (MACHICA) Fund in Tanzania. It is located in Mang'ula, Division Ifakara Town Council, Morogoro Region. The project address is P.O. BOX 83, Mang'ula, Morogoro Tanzania.
MACHICA FUND was established in 2005 and is a non-governmental organization engaged in project work for non-privileged and vulnerable people.

MACHICA FUND is one of the best known projects in Mang'ula Division and has been working with our German friends since 2008. Through the support of our German friends, MACHICA has been able to achieve various visions, missions and goals.


MACHICA promotes sustainable development and improvement of the lives of the underprivileged groups such as orphans, disabled and poor children of kindergarten age.


The service consists of basic life needs, health support and life skills for the community, which is crucial for their lives and sustainable development of the nation of Tanzania.


- To support basic life needs for underprivileged groups in the society to enable them to manage their lives.
- To provide life skills and educational groups in the society.
- To host and supervise volunteers who can work in one or more areas of MACHICA.

Through the vision, mission and objectives, MACHICA achieves the following strong performance:
MACHICA has managed to provide for the orphanage groups by providing basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. In addition, MACHICA has so far supported three girls in secondary schools, while others who are still in elementary school are also supported. Through our friends in Germany, the project receives regular financial support, which has led to a great improvement for the MACHICA staff. The project is able to grow rice on its own shambas, generate its own electricity through the photovoltaic project and cover part of its own food needs with the chicken project.

The project team consists of eleven staff members of which eight are women and three men.

Welcome MACHICA!